How to use a vibrator and dildo

Learn how to use a vibrator or dildo. Best techniques for your pleasure.

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Everything you need to know about vibrators and dildos

Learn how to choose and use them properly.


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Vibrator types – how to choose the best?

Posted on lip 25 by

Vibrator is the most popular erotic gadget for woman masturbation. Average vibrator is 10 to 30 cm long and has about 1,5 cm diameter. It’s shape I trying to mimic the natural...


12 practical steps on how to use a vibrator

Posted on lip 24 by

1. Get comfortable: on bed, on mattres, a blanket. Think possitive about yourself and about your body. 2. Remember to breath deeply. Alot of woman are holding their breath during...


How to choose and use a dildo

Posted on lip 23 by

How to use a dildo? Dildo is an artificial penis, which doesn’t move or vibrate. It doesn’t have any mechanism is controlled only by a human. It’s used to penetrate the vagina or...


How to use a vibrator with your partner?

Posted on lip 22 by

How to use a vibrator with your partner? Best way is to choose one that has been created for couples. They can be equipped with many additional options that, at the same time...